• Setting up new goal posts
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    (Not talking about the euros)
    Admittedly, I’ve fallen behind on my monthly posts not having made one since Jan. Haven’t been completely slacking; managed to get a couple of Posters into TASME’s annual sceintific conference (, a comedic paper on Scrubs (TV Show)  in ‘Medical Education’ (currently in Press) and a a MedEd award (

    Time keeps passing, and for the next course we are officially trying to establish MTM as a business partnerhip. We will aim to run a CST prep course in Late November right before the CST application deadline. Might try to think of  some ideas for BMJ’s Christmas Edition in the mean time.

    TASME AbstractsWATCH Scrubs

  • New year. Same targets.
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    Plans for our next course (tentatively scheduled for July this year) will get underway soon enough however in the meantime, my attention gets diverted back to immediate pressing issues of work, career and attempts at a social life – definitely missing my days as a student! Congratulations to all those final year students who got their AFP jobs this week. All you have to do now is pass finals – last (medschool) hurdle!

  • Onto the next one :)
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    With AFP interviews coming up, we thought it would be timely to run a course addressing issues with statistics, research and the interview side to the Academic Foundation Programme…outside of London, somewhere more accessible to several Universities ‘above Watford juncion’. We’ve put in a lot of thought into the content and structure of the days and have several Academic Foundation Doctors involved who will be able to talk from their own experiences. We hope to see a lot of students from Keele, which is my graduating medical school as well as the host site. See you all soon!

  • Almost course day!
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    With the skills course being this Friday, I will be collecting equipment from all third parties in the coming week. Looking at a 1:2 student to tutor ratio! I’ll also be sending a reminder round this week and giving people a final chance to register – deadline is Thursday 29/10 7PM. If you decide to come please bring £20 with you in a sealed envelope with your name on it and give us an indication of your previous skill level so that we can match you up with a tutor accordingly. See you all soon!

  • New ventures in London
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    Finding myself having a lot of support in London from seniors and industry, my surgical supervising consultant wants to help run a Basic & Laparoscopic Skills Course so plans for that are underway now too! 3 Consultant and 2 Lap Stacks confirmed already! Probably look to raise money for the local education department – they are letting us use the PG Theatre after all…Exciting times 🙂

    More to follow.

  • Preparations
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    Having finally settled into London ready for my first days as a doctor and built, what feels like, all the furniture Ikea has to offer. Thoughts are back onto preparing future doctors…we are planning on running two days of OSCE courses as well as an F1 Preperation Course. Updates to come 🙂

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